Our manufacturing expertise allows you to leverage our resources in a broad range of industries and technologies. Certex's history is of supporting manufacturing and business goals.

•    People – Professionals with decades of experience
•    Facilities – 50,000 square foot facility, centrally located in Colorado
•    Knowledge – Impressive track record; references available upon request
•    Expertise – Including agency approvals – UL/CSA, FCC certified
•    Customer service – Unparalleled reliability

Certex provides design services and contract manufacturing for several American corporations. We have manufactured and supported more than 90,000 money order dispensers for one of the largest money order companies in the U.S., and currently provide a kiosk-based money order dispenser that is being installed in retail outlets throughout the United States. Certex also builds products for Animal Care Systems Inc., a global provider of animal caging and other equipment to the bio-medical research industry.

Certex can manage multiple supplier relationships while meeting your contract manufacturing needs.
Certex has an extensive supplier base and can secure the most competitive pricing for you. We use our resources to match your manufacturing requirements and manage our supplier relationships to provide the best quality and value, while you maximize your profit margin goals.

We offer a full-service contract manufacturing package that can be designed to address your specific needs.
Certex can take your product from preliminary concept through development to final design, assembly, and packaging.



Certex’s innovative, contract manufacturing services include:

•    Design and engineering including SolidWorks, 3-D printing, and CAD.
•    Vendor management
•    Light assembly
•    Inventory, warehousing, and distribution
•    Packaging, packaging design and global shipping

Electronics Design and Production:
•    PC boards
•    Components
•    Power supplies
•    Software and Firmware
•    Mechanical Equipment
•    Metals – carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and others
•    Design, analysis, all types of fabrication and assembly
•    Plastic - Expertise includes blow molding, thermoforming, injection molding, rapid prototyping