As a companion to our software check writing solutions, Certex is an authorized premier reseller of TROY® MICR* laser printers and OEM consumables. Please call 303.797.9532 for assistance in determining the correct TROY® Printer for your application.
TROY® MICR printers are designed for secure environments that don't require additional security at the printer. These printers offer full MICR check printing capabilities with MICR fonts resident in the printer, automatic toner density adjustment and a disable jam recovery feature to prevent duplicate check printing in the case of a paper jam.

TROY's MICR security printers deliver the ultimate level of security for localized, distributed and production workgroup applications. TROY's security printing solutions offer breakthrough innovations in fraud-deterrent security, unsurpassed quality and operational controls, as well as flexible integration, technical expertise, service, and support.

TROY Security Printers help safeguard paper stock with secure locking trays, providing only authorized personnel with access.  TROY solutions are used by small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises and governmental organizations, to manage fraud and operational risk, and comply with government regulations related to protecting information privacy.

Financial Institutions
The general workflow of a financial institution can be cumbersome and timely; however, TROY can help to provide solutions that will simplify the workflow of your financial transactions, helping to reduce cost and offer a more profitable return on investment.

When trying to print secure documents or prevent theft in an area where paper is a valued commodity, TROY can help to protect your documents.  Whether printing transcripts, grade reports, business checks, or other high-value documents, TROY can provide solutions that secure your document, from the point it leaves the computer to the point of print.

These printers provide a fully secure printing environment. The printers have sensors for MICR toner detection, MICR password security, a 3-position key lock (MICR/MICR off/locked), and locks on the two paper input trays. The system requires the user to deliberately enter a MICR activation mode before doing MICR printing. All of these features are standard in Troy Secure MICR printer models.

*MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Image Character Recognition. The special MICR toner that is required for laser printing checks contains iron oxide. When a check is scanned, it is run past a magnet to magnetize the specially designed and specifically placed MICR characters, and then magnetically read.

To print MICR characters with a laser printer, you need to use a special MICR toner in that printer. Be sure to purchase MICR toner from a source that will consistently provide an acceptable grade and quality. This is critical to having the checks readable by your financial institution's automated readers. Certex sells MICR toner cartridges for the most popular Troy printers on the market.

All check paper is incorporated with various safety features to make the document more difficult to duplicate or alter. Laser check printing usually is accomplished by printing on blank check stock. "Blank check stock" refers to the check coloring and safety features, but generally has no other printing on it. The advantages of using blank check stock include: The ability to use the same stock for all accounts, reduced cost per check produced, and eliminating the need to verify check numbers before printing. We have a variety of colors available at competitive prices. If you have existing check stock or semi-preprinted stock, Certichex software can accommodate it as well.

Troy Models

TROY Security Printers
Based on Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers, TROY MICR Printers offer three levels of high-quality MICR check printing with speeds ranging 26ppm to 55ppm. (ppm = pages per minute)