Certex is a 64-year-old Colorado corporation managed by the third generation of a family involved in check writers for 91 years.

Certex was originally a sales organization specializing in check writing systems and equipment. We sold and serviced check writers, postage meters, banking and office equipment. In 1981, Certex began manufacturing operations with the introduction of the world's first electronic check protector/signer. In 1983, Certex introduced the first computer-interfaced check protector/signer, and later introduced PC-based, automated check writing systems.

The 1990s brought a renewed effort to develop and market software for making payments safe, easy and efficient. The solutions became Certichex and Tellerchex, systems designed to print, protect, and sign checks using blank safety paper.

Throughout its long and successful history, Certex has continued to apply the newest technologies to provide businesses with innovative and reliable check writing and payment solutions. After almost seven decades, superior products and customer service continue to set Certex apart from its competitors.