Long before the computer, Certex was providing innovative products that changed with way people worked. That hasn’t changed even in today’s high-tech world.

We were a high-tech company before the computer, and remain a high-tech company after the Internet. If there is something here that interests (or confuses) you, please call our friendly receptionist during regular business hours. You will be directed to a team member, who will be happy to assist you.

Robert Tierney
President and CEO

An industry leader

Certex is an industry leader in software and hardware solutions for check writing and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printing. We offer integrated software solutions that interface with most accounting programs, serving the oil and gas industry, colleges and universities, credit union, financial and banking markets.

Certex also provides design services and contract manufacturing for several American corporations. We have manufactured more than 90,000 money order dispensers for one of the largest money order companies in the U.S., and are currently building a kiosk-based money order dispenser that is being installed in retail outlets throughout the United States. Certex also builds products for Animal Care Systems Inc., a global provider of bio-medical research equipment.

Certex is an authorized reseller of TROY® MICR printers in the United States. Troy Systems is the primary manufacturer of HP-based MICR printers and the only authorized manufacturer of HP MICR toner.

Certex is a privately held company that exports to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America. Some domestic sales are handled directly and the remainder through a network of partner companies and active dealers.